Learn More About the Estate Planning Process

Initial Consultation

The estate planning process begins before your initial consultation, as you consider the Estate Plan Questionnaire. The questionnaire will help you prepare for the meeting. More importantly, by sharing your background information and preliminary thoughts with Attorney Nicole A. Davidson, you enable her to focus on your particular situation and which estate planning options will best accomplish your goals.

Form the Attorney-Client Relationship

If you would like to work with the Law Office of Nicole A. Davidson, and Ms. Davidson agrees to prepare your estate plan, the attorney-client relationship begins when the attorney and client sign a Legal Services Agreement. A Legal Services Agreement is a contract that identifies the attorney and client, lists the services that the attorney will and will not provide, and explains how the client will pay the attorney for those services.

Cost of Estate Planning Services

Most clients pay a flat fee for their estate plan. In some cases, additional costs may apply, and Ms. Davidson will give you her best estimate of those costs before you hire her. Other clients prefer to pay an hourly rate for unrestricted and highly personalized service.

If you hire the Law Office of Nicole A. Davidson to prepare your estate plan for a flat fee, one half of that fee is payable when you sign the Legal Services Agreement. The other half is due when you execute your estate plan documents. Only checks or money orders are accepted, and they should be made payable to “Nicole A. Davidson.”

To view a more detailed fee schedule, click here.

Length of the Process

Ms. Davidson is sensitive to your needs. You should advise her of your time frame, and she will compare her availability. In most non-emergency cases, Ms. Davidson will draft your estate plan documents within two weeks and email or mail them to you for review. She will then ask you to call or email her with any changes, questions, or concerns. Then you will schedule a final review and signing meeting. For signings at your home or office, please be prepared to ask an adult who is neither related to you nor listed in your estate plan to witness your Will. The estate planning process is usually completed within 4-6 weeks. However, the process may take longer depending upon the assets that will be transferred to the trust.

Your Original Documents

Ms. Davidson will retain a copy of your estate plan. The original documents will be returned to you and should be kept in a safe place, such as a fire-resistant home safe or bank safe deposit box that designates the trust or your executor as joint depositor.