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The only time that you can prepare and implement an estate plan is while you are alive and have legal capacity to enter into a contract. If you wait until you are unable to manage your own affairs or suffer from some other disability which affects your legal capacity, your estate plan may be effectively challenged.

The best time to start an estate plan is now, while you have the capacity to do so.

Why You Should Plan Your Estate.

To best address this issue, consider the following questions:

Regardless of our financial and marital status, we all have possessions that we cherish. If you were to pass on without an estate plan, your prized and hard-earned possessions would come under the control of a court. Your loved ones would have no say in how they are distributed. By taking the time now to plan your estate, you can ensure that your property will be distributed as you wish.

If you have minor children, you can take measures today to ensure that they will be well cared for in the future by someone who loves them.

You can also help to save your loved ones considerable time, expense, and inconvenience.

Prepare for the Estate Planning Process.

The forms below will help you to begin your preparation.

Estate Plan Questionnaire
Complete this form to plan your Revocable Living Trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, and/or Advance Health Care Directive.

Special Needs Trust Questionnaire
Complete this form to prepare a Special Needs Trust for a disabled child or adult.

Buy-Sell Agreement Questionnaire
Complete this form to create a succession plan for your business.

Charitable Trust Questionnaire
Complete this form if you are interested in creating a charitable trust.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Questionnaire
Complete this form if you want a trust that keeps life insurance proceeds outside your taxable estate.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

Estate planning does not have to be inconvenient. Ms. Davidson will meet you at your home, office, or other preferred location.

Complimentary one-hour consultations are available for individuals or couples who mail, fax or email the estate plan questionnaire to Ms. Davidson in advance of their first meeting. Don’t worry if you cannot answer all of the questions. Identifying your questions and concerns is a great starting point. Ms. Davidson will review your responses, focus on your particular situation, and determine which estate planning options will best accomplish your goals.

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